We are a mother and daughter duo who through our designs continue to share our love of colour and uniqueness. Monobrow is a sustainable womenswear label built from a love for Frida Kahlo, and unwavering appreciation for the environment. We seek to continue to provide women with sustainable and fashionable options, and to create high quality garments that are feminine, fun, and functional. We also hope to find ways to become more sustainable to create a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

Nearly all of our collection has a sustainable aspect, with 100% production made from raw materials such as organic cotton, linen and twill. Purchased Items are wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and recycled card board boxes. We produce all our styles without overproducing and contributing to waste, Plus our limited quantities means you want bump into the same outfit on the street. Win! Win! Being a slow fashion brand means we only make your item once you have placed your order. I Know this is very different from fast fashion. Made to order is mindful to the environment as we don’t contribute to waste. Made to order also means that you can customise your item eg shorter hem , longer sleeves or swap the fabric. 

I Angela, was raised in South London. Much of my childhood was spent traveling back and forth between Macedonia and England and exploring and understanding different cultures. After attending Architecture University, I set out to travel the world. In Brazil, I became enamoured by all things craft. And in Morocco, I fell in love with the traditional hand-knitting and brought colourful Rugs and shoes back for friends. These shoes, made from colourful leather.

I grew up in a creative family my mother Zani being an artist and have admired Frida Kahlo since the moment I had heard of her artwork. Monobrow was born from the frustration of not being able to buy Frida Kahlo pieces that didn’t break the bank. 

I always knew I wanted to create and design things, studying Architecture helped me a lot in the whole process. After finishing university I had just started working as a graduate architect in London. I liked It a lot although something was missing. I always had a drive to add colour and uniqueness into my every day life whether it be at work or through my fashion style. I always stood out as a kid and that’s what motivated me to start designing something very unique and colourful. I had always been obsessed with Frida Kahlo growing up all my family and friends know this. Once I moved back to Macedonia I decided that I want to start a small business which would be run by mum and I. We both get along a lot and have the same style, we often even share our clothes. With the help of my parents we created a brand called Monobrow. It wasn’t easy building up the brand as I knew it would be seen as too bold for some, but I stuck with my style and created a brand that was very colourful.